Tips to Use Less Plastic in Your Chapel Hill Apartment

In these days, many people are conscientious about taking care of our environment. One eco-friendly change that you can easily implement in your life is to decrease your use of plastic.

10 Ways to Use Less Plastic Every Day

Source: Facebook

Make note of the following eco-friendly apartment living tips to help you use less plastic.

  • Use reusable bags, such as cloth bags, when you shop. Keep them somewhere handy so that you don’t forget them, such as near your front door or in your car.
  • Rather than purchase bottled water, use a reusable canteen. This is also a great way to save money since bottled water can be quite pricey.
  • Learn to upcycle. Rather than toss old items and buy new ones, think of ways to reuse that old item.
  • Purchase and wear clothing that is natural. Clothing that is polyester is made from plastic. Fibers flake off as the polyester clothing is washed and worn and is not good for our environment.
  • Do not use disposable tableware. Always try to use plates, utensils, and cups that are reusable.

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