Tips To Remember During the Holiday Season

It’s almost that time of year at Chapel Hill North in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!  We all start frantically trying to decide what gifts to purchase for our loved ones, who and when we’re going to visit friends and family, and which parties to attend.  With this in mind, it’s very easy to forget about some of the common sense practices we usually habituate.  On top of wishing you a wonderful holiday season, Chapel Hill North Apartments and Townhomes would like to remind you of some of these tips:


  • Consider a house/pet sitter – two jobs in one!  Not only will you have a physical presence in your home while you’re away, but someone will be there to care for your furry friend!
  • Recruit an extra pair of eyes – have a neighbor or relative keep an eye on your home, whether it be just driving by or cleaning up mail/newspapers/flyers from time to time.  This keeps your home from looking unoccupied.
  • Stage your place – make your home appear more lived-in by investing in timers for your interior lights if you have outside-facing windows (less than $5 at Home Depot or Lowe’s).
  • Double check your locks – this may seem like a no-brainer, but when life becomes hectic, it can be easy to forget the more simple things. If you suspect any problems with your windows or doors please let us know immediately.
  • Don’t project your moves – try to refrain from posting on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook about your vacation plans.  This makes you an easy target.
  • Don’t hand out maps – remember not to leave a GPS sitting on your dashboard or car seat when you park your car at the airport.  This provides an easy map to your place.  In that matter, never leave a GPS, holiday packages or any other valuables in your car.  It makes your automobile extra attractive, which could leave you with missing belongings and possibly broken windows.


Please keep these suggestions in mind when making your plans for holiday excursions.  Whatever you do, enjoy your time with friends and family, and please let your staff at Chapel Hill North Apartments and Townhomes know if we can help you in any way!