The Walking Fish Cooperative: North Carolina’s CSF

Walking Fish CSF

By supporting this local CSF, you get dibs on the freshest fish caught off the North Carolina coast. Source: Walking Fish CSF.

If you are looking to live in a neighborhood that has gas grills and contemporary kitchens for your summer dinner parties, then our Chapel Hill apartment community is the place for you. You can source fish and other seafood for those summer cookouts from the Walking Fish Cooperative.

Here, seafood is caught responsibly and always with sustainability in mind. By sourcing your seafood extravaganza for Walking Fish, not only will you have access to fresh seasonally caught food, but you will also be helping them to look after the environment.

By joining the Community Supported Fishery, you will receive a range of fresh fish depending on the season and its availability. Alternatively you can aid their work by purchasing a crab pot. In return, you will receive at least 36 freshly catch blue crabs and a range of other goodies. There is also an option to put in one time orders, with the minimum order being $100.

Our apartments and townhouses are built around an amazing array of community amenities that include a large club house with kitchen. It is the ideal place to host a get together and prepare some of the best seafood in the Triangle for your family or friends.

Visit our Facebook page and share your experiences of purchases from Walking Fish or your tips for responsible sourcing of the freshest seafood.