Teaching Your Dog to Fetch at the Chapel Hill North Dog Park

You live in our wonderful apartments in Chapel Hill with dog park. The dog park is a terrific place to take your furry friend outdoors for some exercise. You can also work on training there.


Source: MorgueFile.

If you’d like to teach your dog some new tricks, train him at your apartments in Chapel Hill with dog park using these tips.

  • Make sure to choose the right toy. If there is something he particularly loves to play with at home, you might want to use that. Balls and rubber toys are also great items to use.
  • If your pup doesn’t like the toy you choose, be sure to experiment. Some dogs are fussy and might require a few different toys that will help with teaching him to fetch.
  • When your dog doesn’t like to put a toy in his mouth, you can soak it in chicken stock. This will provide an enticing flavor your dog will love.
  • Reward your dog when he accomplishes the task you are trying to get him to do. Have some favorite treats to offer as a reward for your pup when he does as you are requesting.

You can teach your dog to fetch, but it will take time and patients. Some dogs learn quickly while others will be reluctant.

You don’t have to give up on the idea; just be patient and work every day with your dog at your apartment in Chapel Hill with dog park. You have an awesome opportunity for bonding and fun.

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