Spanky’s Burger ‘n BBQ Restaurant in Downtown Chapel Hill

There are a number of great restaurants in Chapel Hill for you to discover and dine at this year, but there’s only one place that promises to spank you when you go. Alright, not quite, but Spanky’s does offer the finest barbecue in the state, and they’re well worth trying out the next time you get a barbecue craving.

Spanky's Restaurant

Source: Facebook

Spanky’s Restaurant and Bar is an area favorite that serves up the best ribs, brisket, chicken, and pork tenderloin you will ever taste. It’s like ambrosia for us mere mortals, and you will delight in the fabulous seasonings and plentiful portions Spanky’s is known for.

In fact, since they opened in 1977, their reputation has spread around the country, and we are fortunate that they are located right here in town.

Plus, the ambiance and service are simply the best in town. You will be greeted with a smile, and it’s a guarantee that you won’t want for anything as you sit down to enjoy some barbecue with your family, friends or co-workers at their location at 101 E. Franklin St.

Feel inspired to try your own barbecue creations? Try out your ideas on our gas grills in the outdoor living areas.

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