Small Space Gardening on your Balcony at Chapel Hill North

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There’s nothing more frustrating than being a gardener-at-heart without the ability to utilize your green thumb in a lush backyard setting!  However, residents at Chapel Hill North Apartments don’t have to sacrifice – here, we briefly explain how you can enjoy your nature-friendly hobby while delighting in luxury living in your apartment or townhome!

Just because you don’t have a designated garden plot doesn’t mean you can’t grow flowers or vegetables.  Realize that almost anything can serve as a soil receptacle – and get creative!  Think mason jars mounted on a distressed wooden plank and filled with herbs like rosemary and basil!

Traditional yet timeless, window box planters provide an opportunity for edible or aesthetic gardening.  Although you can not hang anything from your balcony, many window boxes are a perfect fit on the floor of a slender balcony or patio. From an aesthetic point of view, they can be funky or romantic, modern or antiqued!  You’ll draw the attention of all neighbors entering their building – and imagine how appreciative they’ll be not only of the beautiful look, but also the aroma!

  • Apartment Therapy demonstrates how to make a window box planter work for your balcony:


How about turning a wooden pallet into your own rustic garden?  Not only does it look great, but it’s also a fantastic way to reuse and recycle.  Veggies, herbs, and greenery emerge from every crevice and thrive – then, when you’re ready, they go with you wherever you need to move!

  • Visit this great how-to on pallet gardening from your patio:

You can re-create this idea as small and understated or big and dramatic as you need – ever thought of aquatic container gardening?  Especially during hot, humid North Carolina summers, planting in water can be a welcome mental escape when the temperature’s climbing!

Residents – what ideas will you incorporate this year?  Can you think of any other ideas to spruce up your balcony on the greener side?