Sample Street Grub at the Food Truck Rodeo in Durham Central Park

Durham Central ParkThe sounds and smells that will be wafting through the air at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo are something that you won’t want to miss out on. Local food trucks will be parking their vehicles on June 16, 2013 in Durham Central Park in what will be the largest gathering of food trucks ever in the state.  It will also be a perfect opportunity to grab your dad and take him out to lunch for Father’s Day.

There will be everything from pizza to pasta, barbecue to grilled cheese to pick from, and there is nothing that says you can’t pick a little bit of everything as you walk through the park reminiscing with your pop about all the crazy things you did as a kid and why you are glad he is your dad.

While the food will be fabulous, there will also be plenty of music to enjoy and a handful of artists there displaying their wares. All you have to do is bring your friends and family to have a good time.

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Image courtesy of Durham Central Park