Returning and Exchanging Gifts in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Make no doubt about it.

After the whirlwind chaos of the holiday season, millions of gifts – not only in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but worldwide – will be met with mixed feelings, or perhaps those of complete disappointment. Although many presents will be received with excitement, there are inevitably those that are a planned “hit” – but ultimately end up as a “miss”!

We want to provide residents of Chapel Hill North Apartments in Chapel Hill, North Carolina some tips to make the returning and exchanging process smooth and easy.

Do not open the box. Several retailers in Chapel Hill will refuse to offer a refund or exchange if the box has been tampered with in any way.

If provided, save the receipt along with any documentation of the purchase to avoid any questioning at the customer service desk.

Research the seller/retailer’s return policy so that you’re well-informed on any dates and deadlines.

Wait a few days to avoid the craziness of the holiday return rush in Chapel Hill! Give it two or three days, then hit the stores with your gifts.

Ultimately, be sure to exercise etiquette and grace when returning those unwanted gifts! Write a thank you note or email, bring the gift back to the store, and leave it at that. Who needs to know it wasn’t your cup of tea?

We hope residents of Chapel Hill North Apartments and Townhomes are able to glean some insight into gift returns and exchange.  Be safe while hitting the stores and have a Happy New Year!