Privately Shop Southern Season in Chapel Hill for Kidzu

If you haven’t gone shopping in Chapel Hill for all of your holiday goodies, now is a good time to grab your keys and make tracks to the store. There are so many great deals and specials that it’s impossible to list them all.

Near the top of your list are going to be all of those holiday goodies and treats that you’ll want to put out for your guests to enjoy. At Southern Season, there is a broad selection of gourmet foods, wines, and housewares for you to select from. Indeed, whatever you want, there is no doubt this store has it.

If you visit on December 8, 2013 between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm, a portion of your purchases will benefit the Kidzu Children’s Museum. The museum is moving in the next year into a larger space, and it’s raising funds to include new exhibits and activity areas for the kids to enjoy and foster their creativity. Essentially, you’ll get a tasty meal at an excellent price, and the kids will get a bright future.

For more information on the multitude of shopping in Chapel Hill, send us a message and we will be glad to send you some suggestions.