Organize Your Designer Kitchen in Chapel Hill for the New Year

We’re sure our residents are thankful for our luxury apartments in Chapel Hill with designer kitchens. But how do you organize your kitchen to keep it working efficiently for you?

Organize Your Designer Kitchen in Chapel Hill for the New Year

Source: Chapel Hill North Apartments.

Organize your designer kitchen for the New Year with these tips.

  • Start by removing everything from your kitchen that doesn’t belong there. You don’t want to over-crowd it with unnecessary items.
  • Remove everything from your counters, and do a sweep of all of the tops. You can sweep the floors too. Once that is done, put everything back where it goes.
  • All small appliances that don’t have to be out, organize the cords and place them in a safe storage spot where they will be accessible for the next use.
  • Next, organize the insides of your cabinets by making sure all jars and cans are facing forward and boxes are neatly tucked away. You can then wipe the shelves.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time organizing your kitchen. Just go through it weekly for about 15 minutes, and it will remain arranged.

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