No-Fail 2016 Resolutions at CHN

Feeling ho-hum about the New Year, but secretly wishing you could spice up your resolution game? No worries, CHN Apartments has you covered! To make 2016 one of your best ones yet, here is some no-fail New Year’s resolution inspiration:


You’ve heard it from the experts – sleep (at least 8 hrs) is an integral part of our health, helping with everything from our weight to our moods to our risk of disease. Unfortunately, technology has given us TONS of ways to interfere with our sleep, from glowing lights and beeping sounds to just a huge increase in screen time. Shut off Netflix by 11pm and give your brain and eyes a chance to wind down. Decompress mentally, connect with others, and let something other than Orange is the New Black lull you to sleep at time.


Anything you love, anything you know, whether that’s archery, writing, web design, or cooking. Teaching is just a fancy way of learning. You learn by answering questions, instructing, sharing resources and experiences. The more you go through the steps and processes of your craft, the more you’ll sharpen your own skills, plus you’ll be learning how to facilitate and lead others through a process. What’s more, you’ll get some great quality time in with your “student” than you may not have gotten otherwise – win/win! Teaching comes in all sorts of formats, so don’t shy away – think about what you love, and share It with someone this year!


Not all the time, not to everyone. Just sometimes, and consciously. Because sometimes, no is needed.


You chose an Chapel Hill North Apartments for a reason – when you took your first tour, we can imagine there was something that really got your blood pumping (Community garden! Basketball court! Billiards room! ) that you just haven’t quite gotten a chance to use much, or at all yet. That’s okay! Life can get in the way sometimes, but make the most of your time at Chapel Hill North by resolving to use those amenities you’ve always wanted to. And who knows – maybe while you’re at it, you’ll hit it off with a great neighbor from the 2nd floor who shares the same interest?

Happy and healthy 2016 to you from Chapel Hill North!