Local Biz Profile: Chapel Hill North Loves Weaver Street Market

Looking for a great local market? One of the great things about living at Chapel Hill North Apartments is our proximity to fresh, accessible, and truly local food. Weaver Street Market (WSM) is a great source for locavores and health-minded foodies who love the idea of the sustainable marketplace.

Here are 4 things we think you’ll really like about Weaver Street Market:

  1. Healthy eating is within reach

Weaver Street Market provides Chapel Hill North residents with a practical and easily accessible solutions for finding healthy, locally based food that supports local commerce and promotes healthy food choices.

  1. WSM promotes the expansion of local and sustainable foods

Chapel Hill North residents can enjoy the fruit (and veggies) of local farmers and food marketers by supporting co-op owners involved with Weaver Street Market. And they are always adding and developing new suppliers into the system, giving you more choices and keeping prices at a true and competitive market value.

  1. Weaver-Street-MarketWeaver Street Market brings a nice sense of bustle to the city

Their goal of “invigorating downtown” makes the shopping experience attractive, fun, and teeming with life — the way a market should be 🙂 Yet another reason why we love living in Chapel Hill.

  1. Weaver Street Market is Green

They are committed to their goal of “net zero energy and zero waste.” They do this by promoting responsible packaging (all to be reused or recycled to keep waste out of the landfill) and through the installation of commercial solar in all their facilities.

We’re excited to have a resource available to Chapel Hill North Apartments that brings a sense of community to local commerce. It’s a great place to shop healthy while preserving the environment and supporting local farms and business people. And I mean, where else are you going to find co-op to co-op Cabot Creamery Cheeses for $4.49 per lb., hmmm?

See you at the market, CHN!