Renting With Pets: Learn Our Pet Policy in North Chapel Hill


There is a lot to be said about having a furry companion running around your pet-friendly apartments in North Chapel Hill. That’s why we wanted to let you know all about our pet policy so that everyone in the community can live in harmony. Ultimately, the pet policy ensures that everyone’s pets can coexist without […]


Train for Chapel Hill’s Spring Runs in the Fitness Center


For those of you who enjoy the invigorating challenge of testing your stamina and endurance with long distance runs, there are several races coming to our area that you might want to consider participating in. Our luxury pet-friendly North Chapel Hill apartments with fitness center access around-the-clock for community residents are the perfect place to train […]


Spoil Yourself to Luxury Apartments in North Chapel Hill’s


The New Year is a time for change and making improvements to your lifestyle. The biggest change you can make is to give yourself a reward for all of the progress you are making, and at Chapel Hill North, our new apartments in North Chapel Hill are the perfect reward for all of your accomplishments. […]


Daylight Savings Time in Chapel Hill, NC


At 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 10th, our clocks will spring forward one hour for daylight savings time.  While everyone loves the extra hour of daylight afforded by the adjustment, most will freely admit that it poses quite the threat to their sleep schedules! The fact of the matter is that our bodies need on average […]


Capturing Memories in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Capturing moments in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with friends and family is something everyone loves to do at least every once in a while.  Photographs preserve cherished memories and also provide an opportunity to reflect on the past. Nowadays, we can snap pictures of just about anything with the teeny tiny digital cameras and smartphone […]


Chapel Hill North Offers Luxury Living


Chapel Hill North Apartments isn’t just a nice place to live. Your luxury apartment in Chapel Hill defines fine living at its best. These spacious apartments are located in the heart of the Chapel Hill community and are surrounded by the best shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. You are only moments away from free public […]


Returning and Exchanging Gifts in Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Make no doubt about it. After the whirlwind chaos of the holiday season, millions of gifts – not only in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but worldwide – will be met with mixed feelings, or perhaps those of complete disappointment. Although many presents will be received with excitement, there are inevitably those that are a planned […]


Gift Wrapping 101 For Chapel Hill Residents

Wrapped presents

The holiday decorations surrounding our apartments in Chapel Hill are a clear indication that our residents are eagerly stocking up on holiday presents. Unfortunately, gift wrapping is an art that most of us have yet to master, so here are some quick tips for you to follow so that your presents shine brightly. Assemble your supplies. […]


Safety First At The Playground At Chapel Hill North

a girl on a slide

One of the great things about Chapel Hill North, our apartments in Durham, is the playground. It’s a great place for parents to bring their kids for some exercise and a great time. There are some things to think about, however, when heading to the playground. We’ve made a list of safety tips to help […]


Tips To Remember During the Holiday Season

*Nov 17 - 00:05*

It’s almost that time of year at Chapel Hill North in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!  We all start frantically trying to decide what gifts to purchase for our loved ones, who and when we’re going to visit friends and family, and which parties to attend.  With this in mind, it’s very easy to forget about […]