Back-to-School: Organization Tips to Keep the Clutter at Bay

It’s back-to-school season in Chapel Hill, and whether you are heading back to the classroom as a teacher, hitting the halls of your favorite local university or sending children back to the hallowed halls of their school, you may find that the clutter of papers, backpacks, briefcases and school supplies quickly overtakes your Chapel Hill North apartment. While our community is known for its spacious apartment floor plans & layouts, you will still need to stay organized to keep the clutter from quickly taking over. Here are some tips that might help:

1. Create a Paper Organization System

School means papers, whether you are collecting them to grade or creating them to turn in. Have a dedicated spot in your home for the papers to live. Whether this is a desk or a filing tray on the kitchen table, choose the spot, and insist that all papers go there.

When papers come home from school, sort them immediately. Don’t toss them on the counter to be dealt with later. Soon later will come and you will have an overwhelming stack to address. The sooner you sort, the less of a hassle it is.

2. Create a Office Supply Station

You can never find that red pen or that pencil when you need it, so set aside a part of your apartment to serve as the office supply station. If you put items away in this station when you are done using them, then you will always have them when you need them. This will also eliminate the need to have 50 pencils when just three will be sufficient for your needs.

3. Dedicate a Spot for Bags

School means bags. Whether backpacks or briefcases, you are going to have a number of bags coming home every day. Decide where those bags need to be stored, and insist that they get placed in the proper location every single day. A good option is to hang hooks near the door to hang bags, but if you don’t have a location to do this, choose a closet or a spot in a bedroom to store them.

What is your favorite tip for keeping office and school supplies at bay? Share it with the Chapel Hill North community!