Attend the Durham Teddy Bear Ball for Duke Children’s Hospital

 If you haven’t noticed, all the little boys and girls are getting excited and into the  holiday spirit. Unfortunately, many are struggling to find reasons to celebrate this  year as they fight life and death battles within the corridors of the Duke Children’s  Hospital & Health Center.

For many kids, the trees, lights, and carols are beacons of hope. As they wage their  battles with cancer, brain injuries, and any number of physical ailments, sometimes  they just need a reason to celebrate and that’s why you absolutely have to mark  Dec. 7 on your calendar.

On that joyous evening, the Duke team will be organizing The Teddy Bear Ball at the Duke Convention Center so the kids can get out and have some fun this season. This family-friendly event will be full of games and activities that adults and children will all enjoy, so grab your kids, invite your friends, and come out to celebrate life and amazing medical staff we have in our community.

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