3 Unique Tours of the Triangle to Get Out and Explore Your Town

tours of the Triangle

Tour all the restaurants you’ve never tried in the Triangle on food tours.

It’s time to come out of hibernation from your Durham apartment, stretch out and get outside for spring. With warm weather on the way, it’s the perfect time to see your town on one of these unique tours of the Triangle.

  1. Walking Food Tours: The epitome of all food tours is the downtown Durham Walking Food Tour. It gives you a singular taste of Durham’s tobacco and textile history through delectable cuisine. You may wander into a French bistro, an Italian restaurant, a favorite spot for seafood, or a hearty steakhouse. Everyone pays just $35 to tour and taste samples from up to seven restaurants, most of which you’ll probably burn off on the walking portion. Triangle Food Tour also offers tours of Cary, Raleigh and Chapel Hill’s most beloved restaurants.
  2. Tobacco Road Tours: If you’re not familiar with Durham’s history, see all of the historic landmarks, neighborhoods and sights in one trip, on Tobacco Road Tours. Bring a camera and comfortable shoes for this 2.5-hour tour.
  3. Bike Taxi and Air Tours: Sometimes it’s not exactly what you’re seeing but how you’re seeing it that makes a tour really memorable. Hop on Peddling Bulls Bike Taxi Service to get around the city on your own, or join the Carolina Barnstormers in the air. Get a seat in the red bi-plane with pilot Mike Ratty and see if you can pick out your apartment community below. Reserve a bi-plane tour through mid-June and see the spring blooms from above.

Tell us your most memorable tour of Durham or something most people may not know about the Triangle in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Flickr.